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VILLAVA is know for its earthy knitwear and linen collections and beginner friendly knitting patterns. The company was born out of Mirjam Dikhooff’s and Jenna ter Berg’s, shared love for crafting their children's clothing from natural materials.

Our cooperation gave wings to the inspiration striving from our grandmothers knitting, wooden stoves, the colours of the autumn, smell of wool, muddy boots and sandy bed sheets, while living in the hearth of a city of the Hague, the Netherlands.

Today VILLAVA stands for Jenna’s lust to design, make and wear slow, conscious and durable clothing and inspire others to do the same. Making your own clothing helps to appreaciate what we wear while descovering the joys of crafts and fine materials. She is working on offering her favourite knits both as ready made products, as well as knitting patterns and knit-kits. All the VILLAVA items are designed and handmade in the warmth of her homes in Finland and France or in the livingrooms of her helping knitters, for example, in Vilissingen, The Netherlands.