VILLAVA stands for handmade, upcycled and secondhand children’s clothing from natural materials. Next to the seasonal linen, wool and knit collections VILLAVA creates unique one-piece items from secondhand garments and stocks up on vintage treasures!

VILLAVA unites the forces of two mothers and makers, Mirjam Dikhooff and Jenna ter Berg. In our hands old sweaters start new lives as pants, salopettes and dresses and the skeins of yarn turn into the cutest bonnets and vests.

We get inspired by our grandmothers knitting, wooden stoves, the colours of the autumn, smell of wool, muddy boots and sandy bed sheets. VILLAVA is our attempt to live and grow, warm and slow in a busy city.

All VILLAVA items are hand made, in the warmth of our homes, in the Hague, the Netherlands.